Almost didn't blog!

I spent the day ricing my desktop and I also went to school, its all right! And my ricing rocks!

Published 18 Jan 2023, 250 words, ~0 min. read.
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Ok so I have 15 minutes to write something before the day ends.

I went to school and it was pretty cool. The only new teacher I got from a management class seems quite cool yet strict. Still I think I’ll be fine. The other teacher I already mentioned, should be quite easy, and the course is all about MATLAB coding, which I am pretty good at. I have to do reports of every work we do though, which is a bit of a hassle but nothing a bit of markdown and pandoc can’t fix.

The rest of the day was spent on ricing my desktop. I have been theming my dunst config, to make my notifications look awesome. I was also looking at some music players for Linux, and I discovered Tauon. Its a great piece of software and quite minimalist. Its available as a flatpak on Void Linux, which is not great. However, it does not look bad at all, because its theming is rather configurable. I have been actually writing a theme using the Tokyo-Night color scheme, which is why I completely forgot about doing my blog for today.

Anyways, I am really, raelly happy with how my current environment and workflow is going. My dotfiles are better than ever! So check them out if you want. My dwm, dunst, alacritty and stuff is quite well themed. Very happy about it.

This is day 18 of #100DaysToOffload
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