August 2022 Summary

After going back to school, I did reduce my media consumption just a little bit. Here's how August went.

Published 01 Sep 2022, 719 words, ~2 min. read.
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A lot happened this month, not a lot of new podcasts, not a lot of new manga, no books, maybe a couple movies and also playing some videogames. I will also do a completed and work in progress section for each category, since I feel it will be more organized, I will edit the older summaries accordingly once I get the time.


This month I listened to 103 hours of podcasts. Here are some new additions to my feed.

The Ten Minute Bible Hour is an interesting bible study that looks at the Bible, chapter by chapter in little more than 10 minutes per episode. It sounds boring to some, but the host manages to keep it fun and its also not focused on preaching or forcing ideas on you, so atheists and non-religious people rejoice. I have listened to 48 episodes.

Other than that, I’ve mostly listened to the next episodes of Podcasts I’ve mentioned already.


Manga is really fast and easy to consume, it’s one of my favorite ways of entertainment lately xD


In progress

I am still catching up with a lot of the manga that is still being published, which I’ve mentioned in previous summaries.


I watched the new Minions movie with my family, it was kinda funny and I appreciate it being an hour and a half, if you got kids or something I recommend it. Nothing too special to be honest.


I recently went local with my music, and I do scrobble it to ListenBrainz, but I haven’t changed my consumption that much.

I can recommend the album Love Trip by Takako Mamiya, which I recently added to my playlist.

Screen time

Due to school, the time I watched videos got significantly reduced. Due to social service, the time I read manga, got quite high too.

Phone usage

Laptop usage

I had setup activity watch on my laptop for a while, but I had not added good categories to have it working nice.

Finishing up

So yeah that’s pretty much it, expect me to play a lot more Minecraft soon since I got a server now.

Read Blue Lock, read Eyeshield 21, they made wanna play sports again.
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