December 2022 Summary

I will also do an overview of the whole year, but for now this will have to suffice, I got some time, so it will be done tomorrow probably

Published 01 Jan 2023, 780 words, ~2 min. read.
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This one will be short, I’ll share some more thoughts in another blogpost regarding doing these summaries for the year!


Movies and Series




Screen Time

I switched to Void Linux this month, and I did not install ActivityWatch for a while due to laziness. The browser extension for ActivityWatch also got broken, so I am unable to specify which websites I visited the most. I will admit quite a few hours of them were on Anime sites. Here is what I got so far.

Phone Usage

I used my phone for 207 hours in total.

Desktop Usage

My computer was on for 144 hours.

Wrapping up

I would love to do a better summary for the whole of 2022, so I’ll work on that for tomorrow if possible. Have a Happy New Year people!

Also, this is day 1 of my second run of #100DaysToOffload.
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