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So, a few people even in the Fediverse don't really get what Wordle is, so let me explain it as fast as possible

Published 17 Jan 2022, 384 words, ~1 min. read.
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Wordle is a simple word guessing game where you get 6 chances to guess a 5 letter word. It is a web based game hosted here.

There are many clones of it, but they are only profiting off the original game. There is only one word per day, the game is not supposed to be played all day long. So, this is how it works

You can guess 6 real words (You can’t input pure vocals or random letters). The game helps you by showing you if a letter is not in the word (dark grey), if a letter if in the word, but in a different spot (yellow) and if the letter is in the word in the correct spot (green).

The game will generate a simple message containing a set of colored squared emojis, which serve as diagram of words you guessed.

I kinda really enjoy this game, it only takes a few minutes of your day, you can not play it endlessly (or at least, you are not supposed to) and its a nice exercise for the mind, I guess.

I don’t really speak a lot of English in real life, so it even helps me learn a couple of words, which is a nice plus in my opinion.

For today’s wordle, for example, I ended up learning a whole new word since I did not manage to finish it, assuming it was a word I already knew.

The better way to play Wordle is in your mobile device, most browsers, or at least Firefox and Chromium forks will be able to add it to your home screen by going to their 3 dot menu and tapping on either Install or Add to Home Screen, doing this will add an icon to your home screen, and opening it will show the pure website without the browser interface, which is a great plus to make it feel native.

This was today’s wordle for me, I did not manage to complete it this time, but it was quite close!

Wordle 212 X/6


This has been day 86 of #100DaysToOffload, getting closer and closer to the end of this.
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