Backing up my smartphone data

These are the things I usually do when I am about to switch my rom on Android

Published 15 Jan 2023, 250 words, ~0 min. read.
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So right now CRDroid 9.1, which is based on Android 13, is being flashed on my device. I made every backup imaginable and realized I almost missed my streak. I’ve been blogging for 2 weeks straight!

After that paragraph, the zip got installed and its playing the boot animation as of right now. I hope it works alright, I have been waiting for a more mature release of my rom to be available. I have not installed Magisk yet, I just did a clean flash and booted from there.

It booted! Its all fine, I will flash Magisk in a moment, I will share a quick list of the things I cared about backing up.

Backup strategy

I did not worry much about my Contacts, Calendar, Syncthing, Pictures and RSS feeds, since I have it all synced via DAV or in an external micro SD card.

I backed up stuff such as my AntennaPod database, WhatsApp chats (a must in México), Signal chats, my ActivityWatch buckets and PGP keys (with OpenKeychain).

I actually found a kinda new app that works great for backups. Or at least it did in Android 12. It has a few releases already, even though its still in beta, its also available on the IzzyOnDroid F-Droid repository.

Anyways, that’s it, I will now go play with Android 13 and see if I can restore everything.

This is day 15 of #100DaysToOffload
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